CounterPointe Previews

I'll be showing a pointe piece featuring 6 UArts students April 10-12th as part of CounterPointe, which was mentioned in Broadway World, the examiner and LuckyGirl.

CounterPointe to Perform in New York Next Month

"There are no easy solutions to the glaring imbalance of representation of women as creative leaders in ballet choreography, recounts Julia Gleich, CounterPointe's curator. "Annually we celebrate their choreography, those visions and the vibrant energy of women's work in a program encouraging a range of approaches to pointe. Our dream for the future is to make CounterPointe unnecessary."


CounterPointe3: Apr. 10-12

"An annual series since its 2012 inception, CounterPointe features 11 female choreographers making innovative and experimental new ballet works."


Female dance series CounterPointe to bridge London to NY

"Because the percentage of male dancemakers so heavily outweighs that of the female, this festival is a step in the right direction in encouraging women to find their choreographic voice and to take artistic risks."